RKM Acharya Yoga

Acharya Yoga is a systematised sequence of yogasana and pranayama. Its purpose 

is to help individual practitioners gain a better understanding of sharira mana 

shastra—the science of body and mind—and fine-tune their awareness of the 

vibrational energy that flows through the body and the nervous system.

R.K.M. Acharya has systematised 108 classical Hatha yoga asanas and 41 types of 

Pranayama that prepare the practitioner for the practice of Dhyana (meditation).

This slow-paced asana practice invites the practitioner to move according to his or 

her own body condition. Practicing the asana with precision will stimulate the 

practitioner’s perception of the proper functioning of the organs and senses. 

The physical practice of yoga will sculpt a strong and healthy body, which 

awakens an internal and instinctive intelligence. This internal intelligence will 

steady the mind and help guide one through the various stages of life.

The awareness that is cultivated through the practice of asana improves the 

strength and mobility of the skeletal and muscular systems. As a result, the mind 

itself becomes more deeply interested in questioning and taking charge of lifestyle 

choices. The softening and rejuvenation of the flesh, i.e. the general health of the 

entire body, leads to a deeper connection with the primordial mind.

Acharya Yoga is a holistic education that brings the student into health and 

harmony. It is suitable for anyone looking to balance and clear the body and mind, 

as well as anyone seeking to lead a life with full conscious awareness.