"He has taught over 11.000 yoga classes, 25 Teacher Trainings, and today provides free teachers trainings all over the world."

Acharya Ratheesh Mani is a yoga teacher from Kerala, India. Ratheesh has inspired thousands of students all over the world, to embrace Yoga as a way of healthy living. He does this the old fashion way, by example, and the content of his character. To date he has educated over 350 people to teach the Yoga traditions in his own teacher trainings. He has taught over 11.000 yoga classes, 25 Teacher Trainings, and provides free teachers trainings all over the world.

In his words, “I act as a vehicle for the cause of making yoga available to everyone, through free teacher trainings known as 'Yoga Makes a Difference'” He travels back into the Himalayas on a regular basis and sits with the “old ones”. Ratheesh introduces the ancient science of mediation into a program called 'Mind Awareness'. This program is being introduced to a wide variety of commercial and social institutions. Everything from fast growing IT companies to rehabilitation clinics benefits from these teachings.

He has healed people with severe disc and spinal problems, chronic back and shoulder pains and also depression, menstruation and pregnancy disorders.

For those seeking the knowledge of the enlightened life he is a master. Even to those who suffer from mental and physical problems, he is a healer. Thousands of people are following his simple advice to find happiness in the moment. Acharya says of himself that he is just a servant of the great customs and rituals who follows in the footprints of millions of yogis, and healers who walked upon the face of India.



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